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Debate is an activity that brings the art of reading, thinking and speaking together in one place. Debates are transformation experience for students, to create leaders, to develop reasoning, articulating, listening, responding and ultimately respecting our another skills.

Keeping this in mind, DPSG Faridabad organized an Inter Club Debate Competition for grades 9th and 10th in the school premises. The aim of the competition was to let the students express their views and opinions independently on the given topics.

The students from each of the six clubs debated in favour and against the motion.The students were judged on the basis of their organization and clarity of ideas, use of arguments, cross examination, presentation style and factual details. The listeners were impressed by the confidence exhibited by the students as they voiced their opinion about strikes in strong and powerful words. From grade IX, Supremes club bagged the first position whereas Elites club secured the second position, leaders club and Maestros club secured the third position, in grade X the first and second positions bagged by the Victors club and the Maestros club, Elites club and Maestros got the third position.

Judges appreciated and applauded the participants for their confidence and clarity of thoughts and lauded the efforts of the students for their brilliant performance.