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Fun combined with learning makes for the best educational experience. DPSG, Faridabad held The Mathematics Exhibition ‘ Math O Mania’ on 6th October 2018 where in the students of classes Pre Nursery - VIII put forth intriguing models, activities ,skits and games that beautifully revealed the notion that Mathematics is the language with which God has written this universe.

Our young Mathematicians connected Maths concepts with real life by bringing Maths from abstract to real. Not only were the exhibits profoundly educative, they were simply fun to observe and learn from.

As the parents entered the exhibit area ,enthusiastic students were bubbling with energy to reveal the varied notions of number system , shapes, fractions ,data handling ,Pictograph, money ,integers, geometry, and many other such concepts .Multifarious Games like Prime Number Game, Coloured ball game, Magic square , Spin around ,Shape me up ,Division Machine; quizzes and riddles related to various mathematical concepts engrossed the parents. The working models on Angles and its types, Place value and its expanded form, Quadrilateral concepts were captivating and raised one’s curiosity. How learning can truly be through hands on activities in the most fun way for beginners as they enter the world of numbers was exhibited through the Addition and Subtraction machines as well as the use of Hoopla for explain the properties of circle.

Mathematical concepts like Cube root, Pythagoras Theorem, Symmetrical Figures etc were explained with the aid of the most fascinating models.

The skit presented by the students of class III on ‘Value of ‘0’ in number family was captivating and well presented. Class VIII students intrigued all with an interesting skit on ‘BODMAS’ and eagerly answered the questions raised by the parents.

It was highly impressive to see the way these young students confidently presented their exhibits. Visiting parents were amazed to see how our students could easily explain to an inquisitive mind .This endeavour provided the students with a platform to exhibit their innovations that are but dreams hiding in their consciousness thus proving that Maths is the lifeline of future!