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A teacher is a learner before he/she is a teacher. The spirit of bettering oneself is what defines an educationist. In this regard, it is essential for teachers to upgrade themselves, attain a set of differential skills, and improve upon practiced strategies.

The workshops were conducted at DPSG, Faridabad on understanding the role of experiential learning for teachers of grade- Nursery to Vth on 18th May 2018 and VI to VIII on 24th May 2018, in generating interest among students and familiarizing them with concepts by connecting with real life scenarios, themselves. The workshop was conducted by the honourable Principal Ms. Veena Gaur, who guided teachers through more efficient ways of teaching, planning, and strategizing their lessons and activities so as to maximize learning for students. The workshop entailed hands-on learning for teachers accompanied by gently nudging the participant teachers to reflect upon her words and the participants’ activities. 

Elaborating upon the different aspects of an experience and how to draw maximum learning it, Ms. Veena Gaur proceeded to discuss how every lesson may be consciously integrated into the framework of experiential learning for the benefit of both—students as well as teachers.

The basic Experiential Learning cycle was explained as one of act, reflect, conceptualize and apply. It was an activity-based workshop where different simulations, experiments, hands’-on kits and videos were used. Not only were the benefits of experiential learning discussed, the challenges that teachers face during its implementation were also pointed out and resolved. The workshop created an impact on the minds of participants to enhance their learning outcomes. We comprehended that retention rate was distinctly higher when learnt by doing and experiencing.